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Blog 2021

June 14 2021

This is the beginning of the bloom season.

Stella DOro  
H minor (Apps)  
Orange Prelude  


June 4 2021

This is an old Stout hybrid.


May 27 2021

H flava (Apps) Compare this to the earlier flava It is much lighter color.

H flava  


May 24 2021

H middendorfii has bloomed and it is a bit late.

H middendorfii  

May 22 2021

H dumortieri has bloomed. I had almost lost this plant due to a quack grass infestation and a planting in an already heavily planted garden. Note the sepal colors on the outside, a brownish as well as the buds.

H dumortieri  
Sepal outside  


May 11 2021

The first hybrid, the classic Stout Elfin. The are very aggressive bloomers and reproduce quite well.


May 7 2021

The first bud


H flava