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Blog 2021

July 15, 2021

Some more hybrids

16 139  
13 508  
H altissima  
H tunbergeri  

July 14, 2021

It has been very wet which is good and bad. Here are some recent hybrids of mine.

18 050  
17 070  
17 028  
17 053  
17 224  
17 174  
16 045  
16 072  
Woodside Commerative  

July 8, 2021

Still lots of buds. Depite the heat and rain we see a slow progression. Here are some highlights.

H hakunensis  
H aurantiaca  
H fulva kwanso  
Florham Orange Surprise  
Wondrous Weaver  
Wondrous Weaver Self  
16 05  
12 79  
17 221  

July 5 2021

Will be in peak bloom in a week. I am amazed how poor some of the foliage has gotten. Most of my hybrids have good underlying foliage but many of the more "fancy" plants have die off foliage.

18 038  
16 081  
09 206  
17 090  
Wonderous Weaver  
Carrout Rouge Self  
Maria Made Me  

July 3, 2021

A bit of rain which is good but few photos. Here are a few hybrids

14 129  
18 026  
16 011  
16 028  
16 091  

July 1, 2021

Starting to get many hybrid blossoms. Also I note that some hybrids have horrible foliage. It dies off and detracts from the plant. I have many Apps based hybrids with strong and lasting foliage that provides an attractive basis for the flowering. Some hybridizers focus on a flower and miss the entire plant.

12 467  
17 049  
09 317  
12 254  
Brocaded Gown  
Mystical Rainbow  

June 29, 2021

Yes, quite hot. But the flowers seem to love it. What I have been noticing is that some of my classic crosses thrive with good foliage and lots of strong blooms. Many have Apps heritage. However almost all of the recent fancy ones have horrible foliage and weak blooms.

09 317  
18 026  
16 046  
Kindly Light  

June 28, 2021

Getting hot and many buds are out there. Here are some of the better ones we see now

15 088  
Pollo Grasso Self  
17 001 46" H  
Destined to See  
Increased Complexity  

June 24 2021

We are starting to see many hybrids coming out as well as some crosses. Here are a few:

Early Bird Cardinal  
Scotts Red Cycle  
12 029  
15 170  
Florham White Wonder  
Swap Shop
Bill Norris  
Roy Beaver  


June 14 2021

This is the beginning of the bloom season.

Stella DOro  
H minor (Apps)  
Orange Prelude  


June 4 2021

This is an old Stout hybrid.


May 27 2021

H flava (Apps) Compare this to the earlier flava It is much lighter color.

H flava  


May 24 2021

H middendorfii has bloomed and it is a bit late.

H middendorfii  

May 22 2021

H dumortieri has bloomed. I had almost lost this plant due to a quack grass infestation and a planting in an already heavily planted garden. Note the sepal colors on the outside, a brownish as well as the buds.

H dumortieri  
Sepal outside  


May 11 2021

The first hybrid, the classic Stout Elfin. The are very aggressive bloomers and reproduce quite well.


May 7 2021

The first bud


H flava