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Telmarc sells plants directly to the customer.

Telmarc Gardens attempts to provide the highest quality daylily.  It is a licensed and inspected Nursery in New Jersey picks healthy plants and ships them the fastest possible way. If you are dissatisfied with any plant upon receipt, return it in a timely manner before it is planted and we will return your price. Not all plants are available at all times. Prices in prior catalogs no longer apply.

Sales Brochure:

2018 Catalog

Orders may be made via email. We sell the plants at a price as specified in the Catalog plus shipping and handling and tax for New Jersey sales. We do all sales via E mail and you may request an order, we will verify and if available we will notify you as of the size of the order, the price, and the anticipated date of delivery.

We caution buyers that we deliver bare root and this means that if delivered in the summer that no plant should be left in the sun. We generally use USPS Priority for delivery.

Please use the following order form: Sales Invoice Telmarc Gardens.pdf

Send order requests to: