CitrinaTelmarc Gardens



Since 1988 Telmarc has been growing and hybridizing daylilies. The following is a list of our introductions. They are registered with the American Hemerocallis Society as named hybrids.

The Gardens approach to hybrids is a bit different than some other gardens. We have focused on the following areas:

1. Species Infusion: We have used species plants to reintroduce species characteristics into hybridized plants. We believe that several species have characteristics which when brought in to a well developed hybrid will rejuvenate the line.

2. Eyezone: We enjoy the development of Eyezone plants. They have a certain dignity and difference which makes them attractive in any garden.

3. Spiders: Over the past few years we have also been working with spiders. On of our introductions for 2006 is a spider with an Eyezone.

4. Lilacs: We enjoy the softness of the lilac daylily and have been working on getting a good collection of these plants. They look almost like an iris in color and texture.

Here are 2018 Introductions

Florham Maria and Joe  
Florham Me and You  
Florham Mighty Purple  
Florham Old Dependable  
Florham Royal Sunrise  
Florham Strike the Band  


Here are some of my favorites.

Florham Orange Surprise  
Florham White Wonder  
Florham Summer Winds  
Florham Pink Pastel  
Florham Lemon Zest  


I have an interest in pastels and some whites. Also fragrance is important and thus I use a lot of H citrina mixes.

Enjoy our introductions. Here are some of the most recent ones from 2015.

The following are the new intros for this year:

Miss Judy Lynn

This is an amazing plat, well over 4 feet tall, 7"+ flower, many branches and buds per branch. It stands erect.

Wondrous Weaver

A gentle pastel plant which I am prone to seeking out with good branching and buds.

Rapp Sure Song

Strong dark pink with deep red Eyezone and gold throat.

Lovely Lady LiLeah

A double or even more. Pinkish with a bit of cream color. It seems to keep its double form.