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Telmarc Gardens is a hybridizer of daylilies. It also focuses upon maintaining the strength of the daylily species as an element in its hybridized plants. We also are doing research into the genus Hemerocallis focusing on colors and patterns.

Please look at Blog Talk for a day by day presentation of the Garden.

Telmarc Gardens, a NJ Licensed Nursery, was founded in 1990 and has been propagating, hybridizing, and breeding daylilies since 1985.  Dr. McGarty has studied and has been certified at the New York Botanical Gardens, in New York and has received Certificates from the NYBG in Botany and Horticulture.

Telmarc has commenced on a breeding program that is seeking to establish the best in both Diploid and Tetraploid daylilies along with crossings on both species and early introductions. The Garden has many of the early Stout introductions which it is continuing to cross with the more recent introductions for maximum hardiness.

Over the years we have also tried to have as robust a collection in hybridizers as possible, not just recent introductions but those from the early Stout period up to the present. We also have twelve species and we try to keep the provenance of all of them. They are used for interbreeding and crossing with hybrids. The Display Garden is laid out to allow the viewer to see the progression from species through the most recent hybrids. The garden is also a working hybridizing garden.

Our hybridizing goals are:

1. Seek out hybrids which have growing strength and sustainability as well as a sense of presence in a garden.

2. Seek out hybrids which blend color and form in a smooth fashion and avoid the visual dissonance that comes from staying too close to the edge or the extreme.

3. Seek out hybrids which can be grouped in a melodious manner and seen from both afar as well as close.

4. Use as crossing stock tried and true plants which can have their color, patterns, shape, bud count and branching improved while keeping the excellent qualities of the parent.   


Open House is July 9-10, 2022(10 AM to 4 PM); all are welcome. The Garden is open almost any time during July if you just email me ahead of time. .

BOOKS: We have posted (January 2009) the book we have written on the Genus Hemerocallis in Draft form. It will be subject to editing this spring. Comments are welcome. The book is meant for a more technical audience. It presents the challenges of the genetic revolution within the context of the genus Hemerocallis. See the following LINK: Hemerocallis: Genus, Species and Genetics This is most likely not a book for the hobbyist as I have found in my discussions. Also this book does not take the classic Mendellian approach of assuming one gene to one color. Unfortunately nature does not work that way. We are currently expanding this to include micro RNA influences.

AHS DISPLAY GARDEN: Telmarc became the first AHS Display Garden in New Jersey. Visitors are welcome at any time, just call ahead. We have been moving many of our crosses to New Hampshire for testing.

TALKS AND PRESENTATIONS: Telmarc Gardens will provide talks on Daylilies to local clubs at no cost in the general area of Northern New Jersey if time permits. The Garden is open for Display as an American Hemerocallis Display Garden starting in early June. Please call, beforehand. We have a talk on May 22, 2019 at the Hasbrouck Garden Club.