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Blog 2013


Ending of Season

July 31, 2013  07:00

There was a big burst during the hot spell and we are now well into down slope.

Florham Sunburst
Rainbow Gold
Apache War Dance
H multiflora

Medium height with many branches and buds and small flower

H fulva variegata

Like a Kwanso but variegated leaves

Dancing with Sandra
Delaware Doosy


Cooling and Slowing Down

July 24, 2013  07:00

The new ones are slowing. We have some late bloomers in progress.

Arrogant Bastard

Just another medium size red

Halloween Cat

Used to be a great bloomer but has slowed down.

Heat Wave Continues

July 19, 2013  07:00

There has been a week of 90F+ days and humidity well ab 75%. Rather tough. Plants doing well though.

Ice Carnival
In the Flesh
Spring Charms
Long Lesson Orchid Thief
Double Sometimes
Vanilla Candy
Forsythe Catawba
Final Touch
Courage to Change
Edge of Chaos
Mummers Masquerade
Franz Halls
Laura Harwood
Dawn Ballet
Woodside Commemorative
Fly Catcher
Final Touch


Really Beastly Hot

July 16, 2013  07:00

It still has been quite hot and humid. The flowers are doping well now that we have more sun. No surprise here.

BJ McMillan
Foxes Lair
Harlem Nocturne
Big Bird
Chicago Apache
Chicago Fire
Kate's Kisses


Beastly Hot

July 15, 2013  07:00

Today we hit mid 90s, humidity high but not as bad.

South Seas
Brother Kevin
Florham Whisper
Lilting Lady
Pink Limeaide
Happy Apple
Peters Journey 2013


Bellas Brightness 2013


Kraktoa Lava
Autumn Minaret

7' Tall

Scarlett Kittle
Harbor Light
Apricot Peach
Wilson Spider
Its My Party
John Robert Biggs
Classic Caper
H altissima
Malaysian Monarch


The Garden in the Rain

July 13, 2013  07:00

Today's flowers.

Autumn Red
H flava (Apps)
Desperado Love
Grapefruit Truffle
H thunbergerii
Ellis Powell
Decatur Interlude
Midnight Special
Ruffled Apricot
On Her Wedding Day
Confectioners Delight
Doll Maker
Dewey Rockmore
Bishop Gabriel
Fire Chief Nicholas

The garden in the rain.

I am reminded by the snark by a visitor in 2011 who said: "Just and old man in his back yard." Where ever she may be perhaps you could have opened her eyes and looked. Her wording did not pose a threat to Hemingway. I could say she was just New Jersey, but alas she was from without the US. Guess where?


Best of Days, Worst of Days

July 12, 2013  08:00

The weather has been so humid it makes Memphis look like Denver. On the otherhand most of the flowers love it.

Prairie Blue Eyes
Daniel's Delight
Red Reward
Itza Ex Sixteen
Chicago Brave
Jan Thompson
H coreana
Bridgeton Hoopla
Maria's Laugh
Ebony and Ivory
Isle of Capri
Maja's Tinkerbell
Windham Masquerade


Reaching a Peak

July 11, 2013  08:00

We are about two weeks later than last year. We are just about at peak and will be seeing the later blooms soon.

Hidden Agenda
Susan Weber
Fire of Fiji
Madge Cayse
Dual Zone
Persian Ruby
Decatur Cherry Smash
Dazzling Discus
Just the Two of Us


Holiday Delight
Carefree Ways
Nouveau Riche
Utopian Coastline
Sarah's Ruffles
Black Eye
Atlanta Royalty
Jog On

A Stout

Happy Hilda
Brilliant Circle
Dallas Star

This does not do well in NJ but does so in NH

Purple Doro
H citrina verspertina
Josephine's Joy
Carott Rouge Truffle
Stack the Deck
Cherry Cheeks


Happy Birthday to Me

July 9, 2013  08:00

Well I now am 70! I wish the temp was that.

These are today.

Conspirators Oath
Royal Braid
Nona's Garnett Spider
Red Stella
Catherine Woodbury
Palace Garden Beauty
White Temptation
Kris Kindness
Sara's Surprise
Sara's Sweet Smile
Something Royal
Scarlett Sahara
Flight of Fancy

These are yesterday.

Red Square
Itza Pink Teddy
Bridgeton Born
Pastel Classic
Forever in Time
Rose Festival
Halls Pink
Vivacious Vivian
Cyclamen Summer
Phyllis's Sparkles
Joan Elizabeth Haynes
Lord Jeffrey Amherst
Norman Lee Hennel
Elevated Elegance
Made to Order
Tall and Proud
Fire Tree
Chicago Atlas
Vanilla Candy
Windham Fools Caress
Terrence's Touch
Velvet Beads
Doctor Jim
H fulva Kwanso
Bl;ue Eyed Frog
Pink Fanfare
H citrina
Frances Joiner
Indian Giver
Scandinavian Sky
Bess Ross

Will Update

Try It
H aurantiaca
Etched in Gold

Will Update

Runaway Romance
Better Rum
Just About Dawn
Siloam Cousin Ethel
Magic Dawn
Love Festival
Golden Glaze
Susquehana Styorm Front
Now and Zen
Elevated Elegance


Beastly Hot

July 5, 2013  08:00

We are experiencing one of the hottest and most humid periods I can remember. We are having house repainted and had to turn off the AC!

White Crinoline
Nancy's Smile

This was stuck in the back so needs more sun

Royal Fantasy
Brenda and Doug

A sometimes double

Etched in Gold
American Folklore
Highland Lord
Chicago Catalyea
Juniper Chase
Alison's Design

This is a multi branched multi budded miniature and is just lovely

Florham Peach
Open Hearth
Love Gift
Blueberry Muffin
Lavender Blush
Florham Peppermint Stick
Cosmic Struggle


Happy 4th

July 4, 2013  08:00

Still Monsoon season!

Flight of Fancy
Rita's Sunrise
Dottore Giuseppe
Pollo Grosso
Holiday Happiness
Hello Dolly
Decatur Dictator
Dainty Dish
Sea Hunt
Fire of Fiji
Destined to See
Florham Great Days
Brocaded Gown
Brother Edward
Ed Brown
Strutters Ball
Strawberry Candy
Jean Swann
Decatur Cheery Crush self
Prairie Moonlight
Chief Tecumseh
Merlin's Magic
French Tudor
Cynthis Paige Platais
Alan Wild
Justin George

Apps miniature

Bill Norris
George Jetson

This has some interesting characteristics

Windham Bold and Beautiful
Daring Dilemma
Savanah Seacrest Beauty
Countessa Cecile
Karen Sue
Ninja Storm
Primal Scream
Dawn Breaker
Decatur Apricot
Snow White?

This may be some mess left over from hurricane

Royal Kingdom
Sugar Delight
Intricate Eyes
Mandalay Bay Music
Florham Paris Nights
M 2013

Maria's First Hybrid

Noah Must Be Somewhere

July 1, 2013  08:00

The rains come down about 2" today and I can start to see rice paddies. It is like Mumbai in the rainy season.

Harbor Gate
Emerald Dream

This has a wonderful green edge but it is very short.

Sara's Sweet Smile
Bridgeton Instant Classic
Custard Candy
Bridgeton Finesse
American Belle
Diana Grenfil
Jon Kirkland
Gus' Starburst
Siloam Darell Apps
Mister Brown


Wet, Wet, Wet, and More Wet

June 30, 2013  08:00

This has now become the wettest June ever! The flowers are about 2 weeks late.

Kelly Potter
Shaka Zulu
Water Wheel

An old Stout one of the first reds.

Mystical Rainbow
Galena Giltedge
Sara Surprise

I have a problem here since this is not what it is to have looked like. I got a bad hit during hurricane and it may have messed up plants.

Sara's Ruffles

As above


Cool Twister
Gilded Glory
Wings of Chance
Courage to Change
Tracy Bannister
Kindly Light
Windham Orange Glow
Winning Ways
Ginger Whip
Velvet Shadows
Increased Complexity


Wet, Wet, Wet

June 28, 2013  08:00

This has been the wettest June on record, almost 12" by now and more still to come. Grass likes it, and so do lilies but they are slow.

Florham Pastel Classic

I think there is a problem here, will update later


A classic Stout

Nittany Mountain Summer

An old Apps

Roy Beaver

A fantastic horticultural plant and a must for any starter

Florham Peaches and Cream
Dark Eyes


Slowly, Slowly

June 26, 2013  08:00

We are seeing very slow flowering. The following came out in the past three days.

Hurdy Gurdy Man
Scott's Red Cycle
Frosted Velvet
Sara's Wink
Thirteen Colonies
Swap Shop
Marvelous Muriel
Early Bird Cardinal



Summer is Here

June 21, 2013  08:00

Well it has finally arrived, at least according to the calendar.

H fulva

The WEED, and no matter how I try they are growing everywhere. If one only had a way to eradicate them.

Sara's Wink
Coral Pink
Irish Whim
Orange Prelude


June 15, 2013  08:00

Things are still quite slow. Heavy rains and coole weather.

Stella Doro
H minor

from Apps a Siberian plant, blooms three weeks later than the low plant and leaves are 2" and stand erect.

H minor Siberia Buds



June 8, 2013  08:00

The Stout hybrid Buckeye has bloomed.



First Hybrid

June 4, 2013  08:00

The first hybrid. Just a fluke!

Evening Rapture

This was a stunted scape but early blossom.


More Species

May 25, 2013  08:00

The last of the early species is here, H dumortieri

H dumortieri

Note the brownish sepals on the dorsal side and also the inflorescence. These are classic dumorts. They always are late.



May 20, 2013  08:00

Several species have come out finally today. I will wait until the early ones are all out to record the delay.

H flava

This came out on the 16th the first time. It is a light yellow with some small branching on the flowers.

H middendorfii

This is a sessile flower with a chrome yellow, almost orange color.

H minor

This is a lemon yellow branched and floppy flower with grass like leaves. You should be able to see the leaves and compare to the adjacent plants.


First Bloom

May 13, 2013  12:00

Elfin as usual is the first bloom.



The old Stout mainstay. Almost always the first to bloom. Very slow this year, we are still in the 50s.



Beginning of the Season

February 3, 2013  12:00

We are beginning a new season. The seeds have been put in the beds and are sprouting and we have some estimated 4,000 seeds. We will keep all updated as we progress.


We present some data on last years seed count.

The above is the number of productive crosses per day by day. Note that if you compare this to prior years we were three weeks early

The above is the number of seed per cross by day from the first of the year. It seems to be an average of 15 seed per cross.

The above is the seed count cumulative probability density.