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Blog 2014

The End is Near

August 25, 2014  08:00

The last hybrid, Sandra Elizabeth has bloomed. It signals the end of the season. The rebloomers are coming up and H fulva sempervirens is just about to flower.

Tough summer due to the fulvas. I had to double dig the front display garden eight inches and filled it with pearlite and compost. Hopefully that should help. Must also do the other gardens to exhume hidden fulva roots.

Interesting observation is that most of the species seem to keep the fulvas away whereas hybrids do not do so. Perhaps they have a chemical that signals them away. If so then perhaps it could be a repellant. Just a thought, too complex to do in the lab. Oh if I only had a dozen post-docs!

Sandra Elizabeth

A Stevens hybrid


On The Way Down

August 10, 2014  08:00

The blooms are slowing now and we see lots of pods, good crosses.

John Robert Biggs
Prairie Blue Eyes
Apache War Dance
Dancing with Sandra
Autumn Minaret
Woodside Commerative
Fire Chief Nicholas
Nova Lavender
Spring Charms
Early Bird Cardinal
Long Lesson Orchid Thief


Over the Peak

July 26, 2014  08:00

The peak seems to have been reached, about two weeks late.

Foxes Lair
It's My Party
American Folklore
Bella's Brightness
Just the Two of Us
Tall and Proud
Autumn Red
Nona's Garnett Spider
Florham Red Lantern
Winning Ways
Apricot Peach
Florham Lemon Zest
Constitution Island
Big Bird
BJ McMillan
Happy Hilda
Strutters Ball
Final Touch
Chicago Fire
Carefree Ways


H fulvas and Attacks on Hybrids

July 21, 2014  08:00

The plant H fulva has a subspecies which is a triploid and is sterile. It is the common orange daylily and as one looks around each year this time and see them everywhere in the world one should remember that they are all the same plant! Yes, the one very same plant since they propagate only vegetatively.

Now they seem to attack weak hybrids. Let me explain.

Here is the root structure of what was at one time an attractive fertile hybrid. It is not totally invaded by H fulva, which managed to kill off the hybrid, I suspect it took 2 years to do that, and then sent out its runners to an adjacent hybrid.









These are some runners left behind. Even a little piece of this is capable of total regeneration. It is like glioblastoma multiforme or an ovarian cancer. Just one cell spreads out everywhere.

Now washing the roots one see the pathognomonic orange colored root and runner structures. One can see the attack on the former plant. The H fulvas seem to focus on certain hybrids. I have lost about a dozen so far to this attack. Species seem to be immune at least as of now.

Here is a closer look and the poor old hybrid, just gone! How did it die? Starved or consumed. It the plant a herbivore? That could be a first. Its behavior seems directed and its method of attack seem quite effective.

Here is an array of the above plant after it has been separated. There are some interesting questions here. I now know the what and how, I am still trying to figure out the why!


1. Why do the H fulvas target existing hybrids. The runners are almost directed to clusters of a hybrid which they then attach to, devour, and spread from there.

2. Is it a chemical attractant or random. My analysis seems to indicate it is targeted. I have now seen it on three dozen hybrids. However there are some on which there is nothing.

3. How can it be prevented? Good question since I believe just one H fulva cell, yes one cell, is enough to regenerate.

Interesting problem.


Starting to Get Hot

July 21, 2014  08:00

We are now seeing a hotter set of days and we still are about two weeks late.

Classic Caper
Halloween Cat

This was one of the hybrids attacked by H fulva

Malaysian Monarch
DD 649

USS Albert W Grant

Utopian Coastline
On Her Wedding Day

A great Apps plant

Edge of Chaos
Something Royal
Princess Martina

Even this was attacked by H fulvas but seemed to push them off.

Florham Whisper
Franz Halls
Doll Maker
Blueberry Muffin

Real small and short and at the edge but not a winner

Dewey Rockmore
Isle of Capri
Fly Catcher

Very Attractive and good grower

Madge Cayse
Harlem Nocturne
Nouveau Riche

Managed to survive an H fulva attack well

Wilson Spider

ovely plant

Wineberry Candy
Jan Thompson
Holiday Delight
Coral Pink
Bella's Great Red Star

One of my recent ones and it really stands out

H citrina
H tunbergerii
Lilting Lady
White Temptation
John Robert Biggs
Susan Weber

Deer ate it after it bloomed, got nose thru fence!

Wine Bold
Arrogant Bastard
Joyous Judy
Royal Braid
Forever in Time
Pink Limeaide

An old Wild plant.


Cool Day

July 17, 2014  08:00

Today looks like we will have some sun after 3"+ of rain.


An Old Tall Stout

Desperado Love
Windham Masquerade
Krakatoa Lava
Red Square
Bridgeton Hoopla
Lavender Blush
Blue Eyed Frog

Recovered this plant from an attack of a H fulva. There seems to be a set of hybrids which attract H fulva to surround and choke them off. This is about the tenth this year.

Phyliss Sparkles
Decatur Cherry Smash
Rita's Sunrise
Artic Snow
Maria Made Me

This was done by my granddaughter and it has deep purple edges to petals and sepals.

Normal Lee Hennel
Lord Jeffrey Amherst


Very Wet

July 16, 2014  08:00

It has been a strange season. Now it has been swampy with rain, so we have slow growth. About two weeks late still.

Keller's Kingdom
Magnificent Madeline
Florham Pastel Glory
Love Gift
Florham Paris Nights
Red Reward
Velvet Beads
Duel Zone
Maria's Laugh
Itza Ex Sixteen
Josephine's Joy
Sea Hunt
Ellis Powell
Harbor Light
Double Intrigue
Maja's Tinkerbelle
Stack the Deck
Alison's Lovely
Brother Edward
Scarlett Kittle
Mohan Butterfly
Persian Ruby
Jog On
Kris's Kindness
Kate's Kisses
Aztec Princess
Now and Zen
Bess Ross

Been Traveling

July 14, 2014  08:00

Spent time in New Hampshire, very slow there also.

Daniel's Delight
Doctor Jim
Runaway Romance
White Crinoline
Royal Frosting
Siloam Ury Winiford
Better Rum
Florham Wonderful Days
Conspirators Oath
Ice Carnival
Pastel Classic
Bridgeton Born

Again this is most likely some poorly made hybrid

Forsythe Catawba
Carrot Rouge Truffle
Halls Pink


Vanilla Candy


Brindlee Beauty
Love Festival
Mummers Masquerade
Fire Tree
Catherine Woodbury
Chicago Catylea
Vivacious Vivien
Florham Peppermint Stick
Flight of Fancy
Court Troubador
Black Caesar
Midnight Special
Florham White Wonder
Florham Peach
Florham Wonderful Days
Windham Fools Caress
Francis Joiner
Dallas Star

A very poor grower here and in NH!

Happy Apple
H aurantiaca
Hello Dolly
Intricate Eyes
Hidden Agenda
Sara's Dreams
Primal Scream
Cherry Cheeks
Florham Pink Pastel
Florham Pink Pastel
Countessa Cecile
Brilliant Braeden
Alan Wile
Florham Pastel Classic
Show Winner
Alison's Design
Susquehana Echo


Hot Again

July 8, 2014  08:00

It has been near 100F again as we enter mid July, yet we have still slow flowering here and hardly any in New Hampshire.

Dawn Ballet
Etched in Gold
Evening Rapture
Jean Swan
George Jetson
Justin George
Chicago Apache
Nittany Mountain Summer


American Belle
Made to Order
Bridgeton Finesse
Purple D'Oro
Elevated Elegance
Kelly Potter
Dark Star
Florham Great Days
Fire of Fiji
Decatur Apricot
Juniper Chase
Pollo Grosso
Galena Giltedge
Bella's Beauty
Sarah's Ruffles
Florham Orange Surprise
Border Beauty
Dianah Grenfil
Savanah Seacrest Beauty
Royal Kingdom
Velvet Shadows


Hurricane Arthur

July 4, 2014  08:00

It has been one of those rainy cool 4th of July and we worked out a few more tons of Fulvas. They remind me of glioma multiforms, those malignant brain tumors that just seep into the white and gray matter of the brain. But if you remove the hybrid and wash the roots clear you can identify the Fulvas and remove them. But like the gliomas they can restart with the smallest set of cells. Sorry for this analogy but it is the best I can do.

Mandalay Bay Music
Dark Eyes
Decatur Dictator
Merlin's Magic
Tracy Bannister
Kindly Light

Smashed by Arthur!

Bill Norris
Windham Bold and Beautiful
Daring Dilemma
Karen Sue
Ginger Whip
Bridgeton Instant Classic


Fighting the Fulva

July 3, 2014  08:00

One of the worst problems I have had to face is the H fulva infestations. Somehow they have gotten into everything. One thing I noticed is that they seem to attack certain hybrids. Surrounding them and killing them off. I had to clear a large patch today just to save what was left. I suspect that I will have to remove and retill most of the plots.

Shaka Zulu

Nice but short and not too showy.

Mister Brown

2 petals and 2 sepals!

Gus' Star Burst
Cynthia Paige Platais
Mystical Rainbow
Custard Candy
Christmas Carol

Another old Wild plant

Sara's Surprise
Siloam Darrel Apps

Short and not very showy

Magis Dawn
Windham Orange Glow

The Windhams are great plants.

Cool Twister


Cosmic Struggle

Has potential but never really shows it.

Pink Slip
Holliday Happines
Ninja Storm

Really slow grower and short

Rus' Red Sox

One of my early ones, lots buds but spots.


Starting to Get Warm

July 1, 2014  08:00

We see more flowers but still 2 weeks late.

Rus Red Sox

One of my first, just replanted from NH

Siloam Cousin Ethel
Brocaded Gown
French Pastry

An old Wile

Sugar Delight
Emerald Dream
Courage to Change


Slow Slow Slow

June 30, 2014  08:00

We still see very slow blooms.

Florham Orange Surprise
New Perspective
Rose Festival
Frosted Velvet
Increased Complexity
Marvelous Muriel
Gilded Glory


Still Slow

June 28, 2014  08:00

We are getting a few early ones every day.

Scott's Red Cycle

One of my early ones, lots of buds and good horticultural plant.

Small Prize

A Stout

Swap Shop

An old bicolor

Florham Peaches and Cream
Hurdy Gurdy Man
Orange Prelude Self

This is interesting since I thought the plant was sterile. This is a tall and large flower but lighter in color.


Another Day

June 26, 2014  08:00

We are seeing very slow blooms.

Sara's Wink

Slightly wider than Buckeye

American Revolution

An old Wild Plant


Still Very Slow

June 25, 2014  08:00

We have few flowers at this time and hope that by Open Hose we have more. Remember we are available almost all July if you just let us know.

Dutch Maid
Irish Whim
Red Stella


A Late Start

June 21, 2014  08:00

Summer begins and we have had a very late start.

H minor
H middendorfii buds
H dumortieri
H flava
H fulva
Orange Prelude


First Bloom

May 17, 2014  08:00

The first bloom of Elfin was today, just 4 days later than last year. The pictures below show details:


The old Stout early bloomer

H dumortierii

Note the brown edges of the buds. This will yield the brown back side of the sepals when they come out.

H middendorfii

Note the small thick bracts and all green buds.

H minor

Note the large bracts and the highly clustered buds. The bracts are the most distinctive character along with the grass like leaves.


Seed Counts

February 16, 2014  08:00

We have provided data on 2013 seed counts below. I plan to analyze this by peak temperature. I suspect that some days are just too hot to set seed.


February 16, 2014  07:00

We have planted all seeds from our crosses in 2013 and they are coming up. However the snow is so deep that it is unlikely that we will be getting them to the green houses until late March. I suspect we may have late blooms since the temperatures have been quite low.