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Blog 2019

August 4, 2019

A few more

Nova Lavender  
In the Flesh  


July 30, 2019

Some more

Autumn Minaret  
Dancing with Sandra  


July 27, 2019

Still Coming

Pink Satin  
Classic Caper  
Autumn Red  
Krakatoa Lava  
Lilting Lady  
Lon Lesson Orchid Thief  
Apricot Peach  
09 274  


July 24, 2019

Still Coming

Franz Halls  
Laura Harwood  
Maria's Laugh  
Fancy Pansy  
Chicago Fire  
Apache War Dance  
16 076 !!!  


July 22, 2019

Just beyond peak

12 516  
Wilson Spider  
Its my party  
Just the two of us  
H thunbergeri  
H coreana  
H altissima  
H citrina vespertina  


July 19, 2019

They keep coming

Fire Chief Nicholas  
12 353  
16 081  
On Her Wed Day Self  
Pink Pastel  
Woodside Commerative  
Lavender Blush  
Florham Interlude  

July 16, 2019

We have reached peak blooms

Princess Martina  
Terrence's Touch  
Carefree Ways  
Bridgeton Hoopla  
12 638  
Red Square  
Red Reward  
Palace Garden Beauty  
On Her Wedding Day  
Josephine's Joy  
Fox's Lair  
Doll Maker  
Bridgeton Born  

July 13, 2019

Open House Weekend

Windham Masquerade  
Lord Jeffrey Amherst  
Holiday Delight  
Highland Lord  
Halloween Cat  
Decatur Dictator  
Custard Candy  
Chicago Brave  
Black Caesar  
09 433  
09 135  
12 253  
Rita's Sunrise  
Love Festival  
Forsythe Katawba  
Golden Glaze  
Carrot Orange Truffle  


July 11, 2019

More again

Windham Blueberry  
Vivacious Vivian  
Rainbow Gold  
Persian Ruby  
Mimmers Masquerade  
Maja's Tinkerbell  
Keller's Kingdom  
Kate's Kisses  
Isle of Capri  
Itza Ex Sixteen  
Harlem Nocturne  
Fly Catcher  
Florham Sunburst  
Decatur Interlude  
Brilliant Circle  
American Revolution  

July 9, 2019

More and more and more

Strawberry Candy  
Vanilla Candy  
Shaka Zulu  
Sea Hunt  
Scandinavian Sky  
Phylis' Sparkles  
Magnificent Rainbow  
Hidden Agenda  
H citrina  
Flight of Fancy  
Fire Tree  
Daniel's Delight  
Better Rum  
Bella's Great Red Star  


July 8, 2019

More and more

12 267  
12 245  
Windham Fools Caress  
Rus Red Sox  
Purple D'Oro  
Now and Zen  
Joyous Judy  
Francis Joyner  
Fountain of Life  
Ellis Powell  
DD 649  
Countessa Cecile  
Brother Edward  
Blue Eyed Frog  


July 7, 2019

More Pics

Florham Pastel Glory  
Florham Pappermint Stick  
16 056  
 Siloam Darrel Apps  
Pastel Classic   
 Nouveau Riche  
 Magis Dawn  
 H hakunensis  
 H aurantiaca  
Florham Summer Winds   
 Cyclamen Summer  
 Conspirators Oath  
Catherine Woodbury   
Bess Ross   


July 6, 2019

You may notice improved quality on photos. My old DSLR seems to have caved in so this is a newer one.

16 071  
Intricate Eyes  
09 274  
Windham Butterfly  
Windham Lavender Dream  
Susquehanah Echo  
South Seas  
Open Hearth  
Love Gift  
Jungle Mist  
H fulva Kwanso  
Forever in Time  
Florham Wonderful Days  
Florham White Wonder  
Florham Peach  
Doctor Bills Jokes
Diana Grenfil
Decatur Cherry Smash
Court Troubador
Chicago Atlas  
Cherry Cheeks  
Brilliant Braeden  
Bill Norris  
Alan Wild  


July 4, 2019

Happy 4th!

14 163  
12 417  
12 254  
09 206  
Fires of Fiji  
Evening Rapture  
Etched in Gold  
Florham Lemon Zest  
Florham Great Days  
Florham Pastel Classic  
Wondrous Weaver  
Prince of Midnight  
Royal Fantasy  
Strutters Ball  
Karen Sue  
Justin George  
Jean Swan  
Dallas Star  
Chicago Catalayea  
Bridgeton Instant Classwic  
Arrogant Bastard  
Allisons Lovely Surprise  
Allsisons Design


July 3, 2019

The blossoms are really starting now.

Windham Orange (Self)  
12 467  
15 088  
09 317  
15 061  
12 079  
12 029  
Windham Titiana  
Velvet Shadows  
Velvet Beads  
Tracy Bannister  
Ruby Spider  
Prarie Blue Eyes  
Norman Lee Hennel  
Nancy's Smile  
Kindly Light  
Kindly Kevin  
Betsy's Pneumbra  
French Tudor  
Florham Old Dependable  
Harbor Gate  
Mohan Butterfly  
Primal Scream  
Ninja Storm  
Stella Doro  
Windham Bold and Beautiful  
Bishop Gabriel  
Florham Pink Pastel  
Dottore Giuseppe  
Decatur Apricot  
Dark Star  
Daring Dilemma  


June 29, 2019

Hot, hot, hot!

Windham Lavender  
Windham Orange Glow  
Swap Shop  
Sugar Delight  
Rapp Sure Song  
Pollo Grasso  
Mister Brown  
Nittany Mountain Summer  
Jon Kirkland  
Bridgeton Finesse  


June 28, 2019

Starting to get hot!

Pink Slip  
Mystical Rainbow  
Just About Dawn  
Irish Whim  
Hurdy Gurdy Man  
Gus' Starburst  
Galena Giltedge  
George Jet Son  
Destined to See  
Cool Twister  
American Folklore  
15 061  


June 27, 2019

More pics.

Small Prize  
New Perspective  
Lovely Ladt Liliah  
Increased Complexity  
Courage to Change  
15 029  


June 24, 2019

Many more blossoms but still late by a week.

15 210  
Noah's Landing  
Sara's Surprise  
Lovely Lady Lila
Peaches and Cream  

June 23, 2019

The flowers are now starting to come in.

Scott's Red Cycle  
Ray Beaver  
12 001
15 170  


June 21, 2019

The rain continues. Not near 90F yet but inches and inches of rain. Lots of scapes, some fulvas coming out, must remove as soon as possible. The latest:

H fulva, the monster  
French Pastry
Marvelous Muriel  


June 17, 2019

The season is off to a very slow and wet start. Today we have Orange Prelude about a week later than usual.

Orange Prelude  
H minor (Apps, Siberia)  

May 30, 2019

Some recent blooms. First H middendorfii. The chrome yellow bloom.

Then we have a hybrid 16.073. Interesting but most likely not a keeper.


May 8, 2019

The first flower appeared, H flava, for the season

May 4, 2019

The 2019 buds are now coming out full force. Here are some, H dumortieri, H flava, H middendorfii. Can you tell which is which?


April 10, 2019

The 2018 seedlings are now planted. Looks like we will have a slow start. Working on getting rid of the Quackgrass which seems to have taken over an older section.


March 30, 2019

This is the beginning of our new season. We have compressed some of our plants and move seedlings to New Hampshire. We will present flowerings as before.